At NTG we have a “no compromise on quality” philosophy. We manufacture to the highest possible standards of accuracy.


The quality of our products is verified by a dedicated inspection department. They use advanced inspection equipment, including multi-axis co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs), optical projection, hardness testing and gauge calibration.


Operations Manager


“At NTG we put quality first. To ensure we maintain the highest of standards we incorporate a 6 step assurance process into our Quality Management System. This has ensured we continue to deliver a world class service year in year out.  We continually work with our customers to meet their specific requirements and approvals and our team of quality engineers is available to discuss your needs when required.”

Our quality process

Establish Customer’s Needs


  • Clarify specifications, tolerancing, finishing, inspection and testing requirements.
  • Establishing Critical to Quality (CTQs) Features.
  • Understanding Supplier Quality manuals.

Contract Acknowledgement Review


  • Validation of all original assumptions to ensure quoted specification can be delivered.
  • Any changes to original scope and assumptions are reviewed at this stage before acknowledgement.

Pre-launch review


  • Ensure all Process FMEAs, Measurement System Analysis, Inspection Plans and Material Test Plans are agreed as required and ready prior to job launch into the process.

In-Process Inspection


  • Maintain agreed inspection and validation throughout each step of the process.
  • Some automated, some 3rd party inspection whatever is required and agreed with the customer.

Final Inspection & Validation


  • 100% Final inspection.
  • Full document packs to customer specifications as agreed at the contract review stage.

Clean, Pack, Protect and Deliver


  • Making sure parts are delivered to clients in the same condition that they were made.
  • Ensuring the quality of the packaging protects your product.
  • Dedicated transport ensures that the parts are delivered on time and in pristine condition.

About compliance

NTG has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and First Point Assessment (FPAL) accreditations. In addition, we are one of only 10 UK businesses to be given World Class status by the GTMA.

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