Processing and Finishing

To meet your precise performance specifications, we have a comprehensive range of processing and finishing services.

Processing and Finishing Services

Complementing our precision machining, we have a full range of post-processing and finishing services. These ensure the optimal performance of your components, no matter the environment in which they have to operate.


If precision welding is required, our experts can weld to your exact specifications.


   Surface Treatments

The right finish to match the specification of your component is essential. As part of our service, we provide painting, anodising and specialist coatings depending on your exact requirements.


   Heat Treatment

To achieve optimal performance, heat treatment is often needed for strengthening and hardening. Our experts ensure the exact treatment is applied to match your requirements.


  Material Testing

Validation of parts and raw material via chemical analysis, mechanical analysis, ultrasonic testing, and a range of non-destructive testing disciplines. Including magnetic, dye penetrant and fluorescent particle testing can be undertaken to match your needs.

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