EDM Wire & Spark Erosion

EDM allows precise machining of the hardest components and complex geometries where CNC machining is difficult to achieve.


Whether your requirement is a single prototype or high volume batch, we work with you from initial quote through to delivery to ensure excellent results.


EDM Wire & Spark Erosion specialist

“EDM is ideal for projects where machining rigid and hard materials with close tolerances is required. With over 30 years of experience processing parts using EDM, we will help chose the right process to complete your complex shapes and structures that would be difficult to achieve through conventional cutting tools.”

Examples of our EDM work

Sector: Oil & Gas

CNC, turning, CNC milling
and EDM

Sector: Defence

CNC turning, 5-Axis milling,
EDM, grinding


Sector: Oil & Gas

CNC, turning, CNC milling
and EDM

Sector: Tooling

EDM machining and surface
grinding finish

A Selection Of Our EDM Machines


X 600 Y 400 Z 350


X 250 Y 160 Z 200

Eurospark 1000

X 400 Y 300 Z 300

Defining the right materials

Using the right material is crucial to your project’s success. Our team has many years’ experience working with a wide range of materials.

We are experts at working with commonly used alloys, non-ferrous metals and specialist plastics, right through to different exotic alloys and oil-grade materials. We’re always on hand to discuss your requirements.


Also known as Electro Discharge Machining Wire Erosion, EDM is an engineering process known for the way it precisely creates components for specific projects.

The EDM process cuts contours in a workpiece with a wire strand used as an electrode. This creates electrical sparks between the workpiece and the wire during the machining process. The electrical sparks from the wire have a high level of control that ensures the cutting is as accurate as possible.

The workpiece is submerged in a dielectric fluid (normally deionized water). As well as working as a cooler, the fluid washes away the metal debris as it is cut, helping maintain the high level of accuracy required.

The process involves wire erosion, which mainly starts at the workpiece’s edge. It can also begin by drilling a hole precisely at the start of the process.

Suitable for challenging designs and materials

 The process can create very complex shapes even when working with rigid and thick materials requiring extra work.

High precision

EDM is suitable for very small workpieces that could otherwise be damaged by conventional cutting tools.

Limited distortion

EDM prevents material distortion because the tool and workpiece don’t make contact. This makes EDM ideal for delicate sections with a precise design structure.   

High quality finish

The process results in a perfect finish. Fine holes and tempered holes are both possible using this method.


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